dynamic showers
Customized manufacturing

Dynamic Showers manufactures customized showers in all sizes, shapes, designs, bathrooms and buildings.

We work in close cooperation with our clients and their technical advisors to ensure we deliver a product that fulfills their best expectations for showers that are not only functional but pleasing to all senses.

We manufacture frameless as well as frame showers.

Five star institutions that boast Dynamic showers include Fairland Hotel, Birchwood Hotel, Helenique Lodge, Premiere Class Hotel, Saint Andrew’s Hotel and numerous others.

Bathroom renovation

Dynamic Showers recently discovered a need in the bathroom renovations industry to supply home and other bathroom owners with a full service of bathroom renovations.

We have since established full professional teams dedicated to bathroom renovation in various kinds of buildings and enterprises.

Our expert and professional bathroom renovations team is able to renovate a bathroom within 7-10 working days.

Aluminum work

Dynamic Showers offers professional services in

aluminum work for domestic and commercial
shop-fronts, doors and windows.

We also manufacture and install frameless glass stacking doors.


Dynamic Showers has partnered ourselves with established giants in the tile and plumbing industry to enable us to a better service to our clients.

In tiling we have linked up with Tile Africa, who engages Dynamic Showers as a regular sub-contractor for shower and bathroom contracts.

In plumbing we have linked up with MRM Plumbers and Tom Jac Plumbers who similarly subcontract plumbing agreements to Dynamic Showers.

We share several Gauteng showrooms with both partners.

Dynamic Showers has several showrooms in Gauteng.

• Tile Africa Greenstone
• Tile Africa Germiston
• Tile Africa Four Ways
• MRM Plumbers
• Tom Jac Plumbers
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